Desktop Computer Support

  • Computer Purchases

    Ready for a new computer? Looking for a recommendation? Contact your friendly neighborhood IT Pro! ATS Desktop Services IT Pros will help you find the right desktop, laptop, or mobile device to fit your needs.

    Ordering procedure depends on your department. To get started, just submit a support request!


  • Email & Calendaring

    ATS Desktop Support includes help with email and calendars on desktops, laptops, and some mobile devices.

    The campus Exchange service provides a rich featureset to mailbox users for sending/receiving and organizing email using a highly-available and redundant infrastructure. Learn more here: Email and Calendaring

  • Equipment Decommissioning/Surplus

    When computer equipment reaches end-of-life, ATS Desktop Support IT Pros offer assistance with secure decommissioning and disposal. Each department maintains its own procedures for this, in accordance with University Property Accounting regulations and State of Illinois requirements. Contact your IT office for more info.

    There is no charge for this service.

  • Printing

    ATS Desktop Support provides assistance with office printers and copiers. This includes researching and recommended models, connection to computers, scanning setup, facilitation with repair services, and secure disposal when equpiment reaches end-of-life.

    Additionally, some computer labs in ACES support PaperCut self-service printing. Start here for printing help

    Are you an IT Pro? Visit the wiki to learn more about the PaperCut Shared Service

  • Software Training

    ATS Desktop Support includes one-on-one assistance with software, and we also hold online and in-person training sessions for some software and services.


    If you prefer self-guided training, all faculty, staff, and students have free access to Sign in here to get started

    Check back soon for more details about the ATS and Extension Book Club!


    WebStore provides basic and advanced software training for all campus faculty and staff. View the FAST3 course catalog here


    Public Affairs Web Services offers a variety of tools to help with electronic communication, like Email+ and Forms. View their help clips and demos here

    You can also schedule an in-person training session with the Web Tools Guy. Visit this page to learn more