Online Teaching: Novice

These resources are intended to provide a framework for designing an online course or transitioning a course from face-to-face instruction to an online or blending learning environment. In the beginning stages of development, it is essential to determine the course objectives, and develop assessments that accurately evaluate and align with the course objectives. These resources, along with other comprehensive guides and checklists, will help guide faculty through the decision-making processes when creating or revising a course.

Creating a Syllabus

Elements of an Effective Online Course Syllabus (PDF)

Suggested Syllabus Policies and Statements (PDF)

Suggested Syllabi Language for Zoom Recordings, Copyright Concerns, and Face Coverings (PDF)

Required Statements for Syllabi (ACES Academic Programs) (URL)

Crafting Your Syllabus: Best Practices (Illinois CITL) (URL)


Course Design

Online Course Checklist (PDF)

Course Mapping Presentation (PDF) and Mapping Worksheets (Word)

Designing Your Online Course (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Introduction to Backwards Design (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Defining the Goal and Writing Learning Objectives (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Writing Effective Learning Objectives (LinkedIn Learning) (URL)

Course Structure Planning Guide (Illinois CITL) (Word)



Asessing Your Students: Best Practices (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Online Assessment Options (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Developing Effective Assessments (LinkedIn Learning) (3:18 min.) (URL)

DRES Online Learning Guidebook (Illinois DRES) (PDF)


Legal Issues

Creating Accessible Documents (7:54 min.) (URL)

Finding and Citing an Image (7:30 min.) (URL) with Summary Handout (PDF)

Media Accessibility: Best Practices and Resources (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Copyright Best Practices for Online Courses (Illinois CITL) (PDF)

Copyright and Accessibility Webinar (1:23:17 min.) (URL)

Adding Closed Captioning to Media Space Videos (2:51 min.) (URL)


Delivery Options

Hyflex Course Delivery: A Practical Guide (U of SC) (URL)

Delivery and Instruction Options: Online, F2F, and/or Modified Instruction (PDF)

Lecture Delivery: Basic Considerations (6:30 min.) (URL)

Best Practices for Recording Online Content (Illinois ITS) (URL)

Classroom Technology Options Fall 2020 (PDF)

Before You Record: Recording Basics and Best Practices (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Effective Use of PowerPoint (Illinois CITL) (URL)


Compass Resources and Tips 

Compass Overview (7:51 min.) (URL)

Adding Zoom Cloud Recording to Illinois Media Space and Compass (5:13 min.) (URL)

Simplified Template Overview Video Compass 2g (6:27 min.) (URL)

Simplified Template Request Process (PDF)

Organizing Your Online Course (2:32 min.) (ACUE) (URL)

Blackboard Learn (Compass 2g) Basics
Instructors: Get up and running in Blackboard Blackboard Learn with the Original Experience
(YouTube Playlist) (13 videos; ranging from 0:55 to 2:36 min.)