Online Teaching: Advanced

Numerous institutions, companies, and educators have created resources to help individuals transition courses to online learning. The first steps in course design are to develop learning objectives, and create assessments that align with objectives. After determining the most appopriate mode(s) of delivery for the course, it is essential to consider the ways in which the educator can promote student engagement and create a sense of community to optimize the learning experience for online and blended learning environments.

Student Engagement

3 Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning (URL)

Best Practices for Synchronous Sessions (URL)

Zoomflex-based View: Hybrid instruction, breakout rooms, Google Docs, and discussion (17:21 min.) (URL)

Optimizing Concurrent Classrooms: Teaching Students In The Room And Online Simultaneously (URL)

Synchronous Online Classes: 10 Tips for Engaging Students (URL)

Planning and Facilitating Quality Discussions (2:47 min.) (ACUE) (URL)

Engaging Students in Readings and Microlectures (3:47 min.) (ACUE) (URL)


Creating Community

Welcoming Students to the Online Environment (3:27 min.) (ACUE) (URL)

Fostering Student-to-Student Connections (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Instructor Communication with Students Online (URL)

Inclusive Instructional Design (LinkedIn Learning) (URL)

Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning Online (Columbia SoSW) (PDF)


Legal Issues

Creating Accessible Documents (7:54 min.) (URL)

Finding and Citing an Image (7:30 min.) (URL) with Summary Handout (PDF)

Media Accessibility: Best Practices and Resources (Illinois CITL) (URL)

Accessibility Best Practices: Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF (URL)

Copyright and Accessibility Webinar (1:23:17 min.) (URL)


Assessment Options

Active Learning in Hybrid and Physically Distanced Classrooms (URL)

Proctorio Exam Proctoring (Illinois CITL) (URL) 

50 Ways To Use Bloom’s Taxonomy In The Classroom (URL)

Course Workload Estimator (Wake Forest University) (URL)


Video Recording Techniques

Hardware and Software Recommendations (Illinois CITL) (Box folder) 

6 Tips for Recording On-camera Lectures (2:22 min.) (URL) 

Video Production During a Pandemic (1:12:33 min.) (Illinois CITL) (URL)

How to Create a Course Introduction Video (URL)

Keep Teaching: Record a Voice Over PPT or Screen Recording Lecture with Kaltura Capture Space (9:20 min.) (URL)

Adding Zoom Cloud Recording to Illinois Media Space and Compass (5:14 min.) (URL)

Recording Effective Microlectures (2:39 min.) (ACUE) (URL)

Adobe Premiere Editing Basics (1:04:12 min.) (URL) (Illinois Campus Videographers)